Hackuity for MSSP.

One tool to rule them all.

Multi-tenancy by design, with a highly customizable UX, Hackuity is the tool for MSSPs that provide managed Vulnerability Scanning services or managed VM services.

Strengthen your services with Hackuity!

Why Hackuity ?

A Vulnerability Management SOAR to unify your current vendor solutions catalogue.

A new way to generate customers and revenues. (complete your solution)

A multi-tenancy platform built
for MSSPs.

A fast deployment Saas solution for a fast client onboarding.

A Saas model - with a recurring annual revenue.

Generate new services around Hackuity


Help your customers improve their Vulnerability Management process

Professional services

Hackuity onboarding, connectors configuration, features deployment…


For administrators of the platform and end-users


Multi-tenancy by-design

From Hackuity central Cockpit, MSSPs manage vulnerabilities data, customers assets, CTI relevant feeds and remediation workflows for each client independently.

30+ customers' tools orchestration

From Hackuity central Cockpit, MSSPs agnostically orchestrate customers’ detection arsenal and integrate with their ITSM tools, without having to multiply expertise.

Contextualized Risk-based Prioritization

Hackuity’s platform scores vulnerabilities accordingly with their actual exploitability, but also with their potential hazard in customers’ specific context & assets business criticality.

Access the Hackuity solution and strengthen your services!