Orchestrated human-based pentesting

Hackuity reunites the accuracy of human-crafted pentests and the scalability of machine-orchestrated campaigns.

Seamless customer experience

A modern, trouble-free customer journey, from engaging with your trusted pentest providers to delivery, through order and payment.

Reports that evolve

Our live reports accurately reflect your defense posture at any given time, finally bridging the gap between old-fashioned frozen reports and real-time but shallow dashboards.

Assess, harden, repeat

Our unique orchestration platform lets you replay your pentests indefinitely, making continuous improvement an integral part of your assessment practice.

Best-in-class security

Benefit from the uncompromised quality and accuracy of human-crafted penetration tests, and augment them with our next-gen orchestration technology.

A new customer experience for a new pentesting practice

A marketplace of top-rated providers

Contact and contract with the best experts on market through our secure platform.

A community-ready report standard

Get, share, import live reports that evolve continuously with your security posture, regardless of the chosen provider.

Remediation made easy

Our assets and vulnerability visualization dashboard guides you through the most relevant course of action.

Repeat and improve

Turn point-in-time pentests into a continuous effort, assess your patches’ effectiveness and capture the progress of your overall posture over time.

How it works

  1. Find the right professional

    Our marketplace helps you identify the most relevant pentest provider in your context.
  2. Visualize results

    Our platform centralizes your results in live reports and provides a comprehensive view of your defenses, regardless of the chosen provider.
  3. Plan and execute remediations

    Define and follow up on your remediations from within our platform, never leave a point unattended.
  4. Test again

    Check the effectiveness of your remediations through our replay technology.

Hackuity’s manifesto for better pentests

It’s doubtful any security professional today would class penetration testing as a modern, glamourous security practice. Let’s acknowledge our profession has aged disgracefully, staying somehow hermetic to modern business practices, embracing newer technologies sporadically, and mostly to the benefit of the practice itself, instead of simplifying and improving our customers’ experience.

But for all its imperfections, human-based penetration testing remains an essential, irreplaceable component to any security program. Automagical alternatives on autopilot, while widely regarded as poorer ersatz that can’t match their model, have earned a spot left unattended by pentesters: the need for always-on, repeatable assessments that participate into a broader continuous improvement methodology.

We, at Hackuity, intend to reconcile those two worlds. Our ambition does not consist in replacing good pentesters by mechanical donkeys. Instead, our technology empowers those unique, uncompromising professionals into turning their point-in-time assessments into orchestrated, continuous tests that can scale at will.

Our platform doubles as a marketplace, with transparent pricing and a simplified buying journey, so that our users finally feel we take care of them as much as we do of their security posture.

Pentests are dead, long live pentests.

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