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Risk-based Vulnerability Management Cockpit.

Centralize, Prioritize and Fix vulnerabilities with a greater acuity.

Discover the future of Vulnerability Management


Change the way you deal with Vulnerabilities


Fix vulnerabilities faster using tools orchestration, risk-based prioritization and workflow automation, thus drastically reducing exposure to cyber-risks.


Vulnerability centralization & normalization provide a continuous & holistic view of the company security posture that solves regulatory compliance challenges.


Automate low value-added tasks that were traditionally manual, saving time and freeing up rare ressources. Experts' time is no longer wasted on boring data-crunching tasks!


Risk-based prioritization allows security experts to focus on the main risks and not on noise, dramatically reducing remediation time and costs.

Take the lead of Hackuity

Risk Based Vulnerability Management Cockpit


Aggregation & normalization

Hackuity collects and normalizes all the vulnerability data in the enterprise, from all assessment tools, pentests or audits results.


Orchestrate your security arsenal from a single place and get a continuous and holistic view of your security posture.

Hackuity Connectors

Use cases

Hackuity for Vulnerability Management

Enterprise Vulnerability Management

Hackuity integrates with enterprises existing detection arsenal and remediation tools to orchestrate their whole Vulnerability Management process.


Use Hackuity now to drastically reduce remediation times and cost. 

Hackuity for Managed Security  Service Providers

Managed Security Services Providers

Multi-tenancy by design, with a highly customizable UX, Hackuity is the tool for MSSP that provides Vulnerability Management Services.


Use Hackuity now to pilot your security arsenal within a central cockpit.

Hackuity for Augmented pentest 

Augmented Pentests

Hackuity brings automated tools and augmented features to the aged practice of penetration testing.

Use Hackuity now to empower red teams into turning their point-in-time assessments into orchestrated, continuous tests that scale at will.

Hackuity for Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring

Embedded with state of the art vulnerability detection tools, CTI feeds and issue trackers, Hackuity provides an holistic and continuous view of the company security posture.

Use Hackuity now to have a plug & play vision of your cybersecurity exposure.

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