Risk-based Vulnerability Management Cockpit.

The future of Vulnerability Management.

Hackuity’s platform aggregates and normalizes all your security assessment practices, whether automated or handmade, and enriches them so security practitioners can, at last, create risk-driven remediation plans and align their priorities with their current and future exposure to threats.


Discover Hackuity, the comprehensive security solution that put an end to the nightmare of vulnerability overload.

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Hackuity aggregates and normalizes, under a proven nomenclature, hundreds of sources of vulnerability and threat information.

Unify your practices

Focus on what matters the most

Hackuity’s platform scores vulnerabilities accordingly with their hazard potential in your business context, their actual exploitability, and their projected weaponization.

Give your team a tool to replay your assessments, including human-defined penetration tests, to ensure that your security posture remains efficient at any time.

Don't trust your fixes


Hackuity collects and normalizes all the vulnerability data in the enterprise, from all tools, penetration tests or audits.


Thanks to our connectors with leading vulnerability detection tools and security professionals, aggregate all your vulnerabilities in a single place without worrying about consolidation or data-deduplication. 


Hackuity's threat database is an easy to understand, multilingual knowledge base that provides a unified description of all issues, including corrective measures, patches, remediation costs or exploitability, without loss of information.


With Hackuity, no more need to master hundreds of tools or formats to find the information. The cost and burden of managing disparate tools are drastically reduced.

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Aggregation & normalization

Hackuity’s platform automatically scores vulnerabilities according to their hazard potential in your precise context based on vulnerability intelligence, threat intelligence, technical and business context.

Hackuity's True Risk Score is therefore contextual to your organization. You focus your efforts where it matters the most, drastically reducing remediation time and costs.

CISOs and risk managers get an homogeneous measurement of the enterprise' security posture over time through a standardized score.

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Risk-based prioritization

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As a CISO, have you ever dreamed about a risk mapping of your information system ? Hackuity does it by modeling your environments automatically at the closest to the specificities of each context.


​Whether organizational, technical geographical or whatever you need, Hackuity's "Smart Perimeters" automatically organize your assets, vulnerabilities and relevant data to fit your specific access right, monitoring or reporting requirements.

You benefit from a tailor-made mapping of your risks that makes it possible to identify in the blink of an eye where you need to focus your corrective efforts. ​

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Hackuity integrates with industry standard-ticketing systems such as Jira, ServiceNow or Remedy.


Bi-directional connections improve communication and automate workflows between IT and Security teams.


In one way, tasks and tickets are automatically created and assigned. Remediation is managed and operated without impacting existing works habits and IT tools which cut the cost and labor for IT and DevSecOps teams.


The other way round, CISOs and security teams get real-times views of all active vulnerabilities and their current remediation status.


Workflow automation and augmented collaboration dramatically reduces vulnerability remediation times and therefore enterprise cyber-threats exposure windows.

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Hackuity makes it easy for security analysts to find and analyze vulnerabilities’ data within a single format, without loosing any information from the original sources, thanks to a novel data visualization model as well as advanced search filters.

Over time, within instant dashboarding, CISO and risk-managers can grade their security posture against regulatory compliance requirements or security standards (PCI-DSS, ISO-27000, OWASP, etc.) helping to expedite and simplify the audit process from regulatory bodies.

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Analyze & Report


Risk-based Prioritization

Hackuity’s platform scores vulnerabilities accordingly with their hazard potential in each specific technical context, their actual exploitability, and enterprises assets business criticality.

Tailored deployment models

Whatever companies’ security constraints, they are able to find the relevant deployment model: highly secured SaaS platform, on premise, or our award-winning hybrid architecture.

Automated remediation Workflows

Integration with industry standard ticketing and patching tools dramatically reduces vulnerabilities remediation time and therefore enterprise cyber-threats exposure windows.

Highly customizable reports

CISO, devs-sec-ops, IT expert, … whatever their roles,  teams are able to find the relevant build-in reports and KPI. If not, build and share your own!

30+ tools


From our central Cockpit, CISOs agnostically orchestrate their detection arsenal and practices and integrate with their ITSM tools, without having to multiply expertise.

3rd party sources of truth

Third parties, such as GRC tools, SOC, forensics or incident responses teams use the Hackuity vulnerability database to easily pull out the data and metrics they need, within a single data-model

Make your work easier.

Empower the value of your security arsenal.

Hackuity's plug-ins integrates all the disparate security tools and practices you already use. You can stop worrying about result consolidation or the burden of managing disparate tools.