Augmented pentest.

The accuracy of human-crafted pentests and the scalability of machine-orchestrated campaigns.

Hackuity brings automated tools and augmented features to the aged practice of penetration testing.


Our technology empowers red teams & pentesters into turning their point-in-time assessments into orchestrated, continuous tests that can scale at will.


A groundbreaking customer experience, ....

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Get, share and import pentest reports, under a interactive and homogenous format, regardless of the chosen provider, without losing any value from your preferred expert.

A community-ready report standard


Pentest reports delivery is totally integrated within Hackuity to trigger organization vulnerabilities management workflows.

Seamless integration with VM process

With the click of a button, replay pentests and validate your corrective actions consistently across your organization, turning point-in-time assessments into continuous tests that can scale at will.

Turn pentest into a continuous effort


..., for a new pentest practice.

Integrations with pentesters' prefered tools allow them to import findings in just one clic, rather than having to dig into scans results and crunch large amounts of data.

Orchestrate pentesters' arsenal


Build by and for pentesters, an easy to use UX helps them to be more efficient in the reporting phase, allowing them to spend more time on what they do best: hunt for vulnerabilities.

Pentesters are no longer typists

Hackuity’s knowledge base regarding vulnerabilities of any kind (web, infra, Wi-Fi, etc.) makes it easy for pentesters to provide trusted and up-to-date remediation guidelines.

Stop reinventing the wheel


Some notable features

Consolidated knowledge base

Pentesters have a full access to the Hackuity’s knowledge base, an up-to-date and unified description of all issues, including corrective measures, patches, remediation costs or exploitability. 

A community-ready report standard

A tailored pentester-interface, full of keyboard shortcuts and plugged on the Hackuity knowledge-base reduces reporting time while providing the same level of details as the old-fashioned PDF reports.

Orchestrated pentesters’ tooling

Findings identified by pentesters' tools can be easily imported.

Endless results browsing and data-crunching are over as vulnerabilities are automatically created within the report.


It’s doubtful any security professional today would class penetration testing as a modern, glamourous security practice.

Let’s acknowledge our profession has aged disgracefully, staying somehow hermetic to modern business practices, embracing newer technologies sporadically, and mostly to the benefit of the practice itself, instead of simplifying and improving our customers’ experience...

Improve your Pentest experience

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